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Automotive Locksmith Services

Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Vans!

At Hacienda Locksmiths, we have a huge collection of blank keys and substitution locks along with making keys according to the code submitted by the clients. We specialize in transponder keys too.

In the event that you are experiencing issues in using your keys in your vehicle, it is no doubt that the wafers in your locks need restoring or that your keys are just worn. Or maybe you have to re cut it back to the specifications set by the company. We at Hacienda Locksmiths keep a comprehensive information bank on all models of vehicles. Along with this we are equipped with most recent digital key cutting tools to guaranteeing right and precisely cut keys.

Transponder Technology

Nowadays most of the people are opting for transponder keys. This technology is specifically used to protect the ignition locks of the vehicles. It was first introduced in 1993 and European vehicles were using it, later this mechanism is being used in all vehicles. At some point in time, the customer may be facing problems with this lock, they can approach us to rectify it. Hacienda Heights Locksmith Company specializes in transponder keys and technicians are well versed in this mechanism.